Cobble Cobbler Mend My Shoe

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe

Get it done by half past two.

Half past two is much too late!

Get it done by half past eight.

Stitch it up, and stitch it down,

And I'll give you a half a crown.

Clap Handies

Clap, clap handies,

Mammie's wee, wee ain;

Clap, clap handies,

Daddie's comin' hame,

Hame till his bonny wee bit laddie;

Clap, clap handies,

My wee, wee ain.

City Of Troy

There was an Old Person of Troy,

Whose drink was warm brandy and soy;

Which he took with a spoon,

By the light of the moon,

In sight of the city of Troy.

Christopher Crump

Christopher Crump,

All in a lump,

Sits like a toad on the top of a stump.

He stretches and sighs,

And blinks with his eyes,

Bats at the beetles and fights off the flies.


Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat,

Please put a penny in the old man's hat;

If you haven't got a penny a ha'penny will do,

If you haven't got a ha'penny, then God bless you!


There was an Old Person of Chester,

Whom several small children did pester;

They threw some large stones,

which broke most of his bones,

And displeased that Old Person of Chester.

Cella Ree And Tommy To

Two funny friends that you all know

Are Cella Ree and Tommy To.

About as queer as friends can be,

Are Tommy To and Cella Ree.

For hours they sit there grim and stable

Side by side upon the table.

Tom is red and Cella pale, His blushes are of no avail;

She sits, in spite of his endeavor,

As firm and undisturbed as ever,

A funny pair, you must agree,

This Tommy To and Cella Ree.

Answer : Celery and Tomato.


There was an Old Man in a casement,

Who held up his hands in amazement;

When they said, "Sir, you'll fall!"

He replied, "Not at all!"

That incipient Old Man in a casement.

Captain Tickle And His Nickel

Captain Tickle had a nickel

In a paper sack,

He threw it in the river

And he couldn't get it back.

Captain Tickle spent his nickel

For a rubber ball,

And when he cut it open

There was nothing there at all.

Cape Horn

There was an Old Man of Cape Horn,

Who wished he had never been born;

So he sat on a Chair till he died of despair,

That dolorous Man of Cape Horn.

Candle Saving

To make your candles last for aye,

You wives and maids give ear-O!

To put them out's the only way,

Says honest John Boldero.

Caesars Song


Whose dog art thou?

Little Tom Tinker's dog,


Bye baby Bunting

Bye, baby Bunting,

Daddy's gone a-hunting,

Gone to get a rabbit skin

To wrap the baby Bunting in.

Buzzy Brown

Buzzy Brown came home from town

As crazy as a loon,

He wore a purple overcoat

And sang a Sunday tune.

Buzzy Brown came home from town

As proud as he could be,

He found three doughnuts and a bun

A-growing on a tree.

Burnie Bee

Burnie bee, burnie bee,

Tell me when your wedding be?

If it be to-morrow day,

Take your wings and fly away.

Bunnies Are Brown

Bunnies are brown,

Bunnies are white,

Bunnies are always An Easter delight.

Bunnies are cuddly,

The large and the small;

But l like the chocolate ones

The best of them all.